Once upon a time…

When I was a little girl a got a jewelry box as a gift, which was provided with marquetry. I used this jewelry box with great love and favour. I felt great enthusiasm for this work.

Life evolved, I worked in the commercial and hotel sector, studied and graduated in business administration in Hungary, travelled around the world. All this had nothing to do with art.

One day, I found my old jewelry box again. After decades, beauty still impressed me and I knew: This is my future way. This is how the artistic thought began.

In an art workshop in Hungary, I spent three years of learning, practicing, and working. These includes drafts, drawings, first works. Added to this were artistic private lessons and self-thought.

Bringing an almost extinct and rare art to new life was and is my goal. However, I went one step further. Goldsmith work by a befriended artist gave me more inspiration. I really wanted to bring these two art directions together:

Wood and gems.

Each of my works has a life story, processed a period of life and is complemented by precious gems. These are always natural materials that mother earth gives us.